Charlotte Amelia Poe

How To Be Autistic

An urgent, funny, shocking, and impassioned memoir by the winner of the Spectrum Art Prize 2018, How To Be Autistic presents the rarely shown point of view of someone living with autism. Poe’s voice is confident, moving and often funny, as she reveals to us a very personal account of autism, mental illness, gender and sexual identity. As we follow Charlotte’s journey through school and college, we become as awestruck by her extraordinary passion for life as by the enormous privations that she must undergo to live it. From food and fandom, to body modification and comic conventions, Charlotte’s experiences through the torments of schooldays and young adulthood leave us with a riot of conflicting emotions: horror, empathy, despair, laugh-out-loud amusement and, most of all, respect.
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  • Minnhas quoted5 months ago
    please, if you do feel you or someone you know is autistic, chase that diagnosis and don’t give up until you have it. Don’t give up after you have it either. Autism, unfortunately, is a life of never giving up.
  • Minnhas quoted5 months ago
    you will push yourself further than you thought you could survive, and you will survive.

    you will survive.
    you will survive.
  • missadimelonhas quoted6 months ago
    that people are cruel for the sake of being cruel

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