Lucy Fry

Lucy Fry is an English author, journalist, and speaker. There are three non-fiction books she has authored: Love and Choice, Easier Ways To Say I Love You and Run, Ride, Sink or Swim. Her mainstream media writing has focused on wellbeing and relationships, including The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Mail on Sunday, Women's Health, Psychologies Magazine, Stylist, and the i.

Lucy Fry earned her Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and a Master of Science (MSc) in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh.

In 2016, Fry's nonfiction debut Run Ride Sink or Swim was shortlisted for a Cross Sports Book Award for New Writer. This comprehensive guide to women's triathlon reflects her dedication to empowering readers to embrace physical challenges and push the boundaries of their capabilities.

In 2020, Fry published her memoir, Easier Ways To Say I Love You, delving into her deeply personal experiences and emotional journey, reflecting on intense sexual and romantic encounters. Influenced by the works of renowned female writers such as Maggie Nelson, Ariel Levy, and Deborah Levy, Fry's memoir resonates with authenticity and emotional depth.

Her most recent book, Love and Choice, published in 2022, offers a progressive perspective on navigating the complexities of love and relationships.

Drawing from her experiences and interviews with experts, Fry provides readers with a comprehensive toolkit for making informed choices in matters of the heart. Providing psychological insights and philosophical reflections, Love and Choice provides a guide for cultivating meaningful relationships.

In addition to her literary contributions, Fry has established herself as a sought-after speaker at literary festivals and media events. Her appearances on national and local radio stations, including BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Two, and BBC World Service, have solidified her status as a prominent voice in contemporary discourse.

As a former columnist for renowned publications such as the Sunday Telegraph and Easy Jet Magazine, Fry's articles have appeared in prominent newspapers and magazines, including the Guardian, the Times, the Telegraph, and Women's Health.

Lucy Fry lives in London.

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Marcelahas quoted4 months ago
Either she is like glass or she wishes to be like glass: seemingly transparent but also solid. And very dangerous when broken
Marcelahas quoted4 months ago
while the actual consummation will prove depressing, upsetting, redundant
Jihyonosaurehas quoted3 months ago
Either she is like glass or she wishes to be like glass: seemingly transparent but also solid. And very dangerous when broken.
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