Jenny Ainslie-Turner

How to Talk Dirty

How to Talk Dirty is about me and what I do for a living: I’m a 1–2-1 sex chat girl. However, I’m not just any chat girl; the sex line is my own company and I am all the girls my boys ever chat to (although most don’t realise that I play all the characters) from ages 16 to 73… and also I’m Dee Dee the receptionist! I’m the only woman to ever have done this. So as you can imagine, it isn’t like any ordinary premium rate sex chat line. On the contrary, it’s just like me: quite extraordinary. My calls are not recorded and therefore I am not governed by ICSIS and as such on my line anything goes (and it usually does). I cover the bizarre, the outrageous and the shocking. This has never been done before, in as much as it blows wide open the reality of phone sex. Plus, I still actually do it for a living. In these pages you will discover what men really want to talk about and what really turns a man on!

It’s funny, unbelievable, but never boring. It’s a book that men, in particular, will find fascinating and arousing. And, the ladies will find it intriguing….
207 printed pages



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