Surendra Dogra 'Nirdosh'

How to Become a Successful Speaker & Presenter

Have you ever thought of addressing an audience and making them all listen to your speech without batting their eyelids Do you want to create a trance on all the people who are listening to your speech?

How to be A Successful Speaker presents all the necessary techniques to motivate, captivate, and persuade the audience; conquer stage fright with the help of tips and anecdotes; customize different speech for different audiences by analyzing their needs, desires, and listening modes; make your presentation memorable by developing a theme, organizing your material succinctly, and keeping your message simple; project a professional image through personality, voice, and clothes; motivate audiences to change their actions and attitudes; involve listeners busing everything from humor to eye contact and from empathy to audience participation exercises; and deal smoothly with problems and difficulties.

The book is a must read for students, management and executive personnel, supervisors, salesmen, and others who wish to improve their speaking effectiveness in their work and social relations.
113 printed pages
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  • Maggy Mwihiahas quoted4 years ago
    One reason, you might think that you cannot speak well like a good speaker. Second, maybe, whether your voice will reach every person sitting in the room or not. Thirdly, you might think that your thoughts are inferior to the people sitting there and that they might laugh at your views.
  • Maggy Mwihiahas quoted4 years ago
    An effective speaker not only presents and establishes himself but also inspires many others in their professional and personal life.
  • JAWAKUSUMA PUSTAKAhas quoted4 years ago
    Self-Realisation is important

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