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Larry John

Think Rich to Get Rich

Businessman Larry John is perfectly qualified to give advice on how to make money and be comfortable with it. As the chairman of successful companies, in fields as diverse as advertising and real estate, he has become rich not once but several times over. In each case Larry has achieved success by following a business plan he calls the Four Pillars of Wealth. Now, for the first time in print, Larry sets out his easy-to-understand strategy for making businesses prosper. If you follow the same formula, you too can become rich. It is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when.
78 printed pages
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Arcturus Digital
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  • ralingracedmdshared an impression8 years ago

    Great book!

  • b8864983624shared an impression6 months ago
    👍Worth reading

  • Владислав Приднестровскийshared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Eam Nylsirc Akahorihas quoted9 years ago
    Life is about the questions, not the answers. The answers always change, but the questions remain the same. Frankly, the more I know, the more I know I don't know. Many times what I thought yesterday, I think is silly today.
  • b1935050710has quoted9 years ago
    But rich cannot be defined by a figure, only by a lifestyle. If you have to ask if you are rich, you're not.
  • 🐼Ayılar🐻has quoted3 years ago
    After all is said and done, the definition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time.

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