Ben Fok,Keon Chee

Make Your Money Work For You (3rd Edn)


    oscarsanglayshared an impression6 years ago

    I learned a lot

    Namık Kemalshared an impression6 months ago
    👍Worth reading


    Yuliya Tikhokhodhas quoted4 years ago
    It is horrible to retire when you don’t have enough money, and even worse if everyone around you has enough and you can’t even get by. That is why learning how to invest is so important.
    Namık Kemalhas quoted6 months ago
    So the question really is, “Where were you when the market was falling?” Did you keep up with the news? Did you contact your financial adviser? Did you speak to your friends in the know about what was happening? Did you take care of your own financial well-being?
    Patrickgreenpanthas quoted3 years ago
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