Herbert Wells

A Short History of the World

  • wilhelminalili3has quotedlast year
    These figures will serve perhaps to give one some conception of the immense emptiness of space in which the drama of life goes on.
  • MinelyUThas quoted4 years ago
    The variety of the universe is infinite and incessant; it progresses eternally; history never repeats itself and no parallels are precisely true.
  • MinelyUThas quoted4 years ago
    Of course there may be deception in these appearances, as a room may be made to seem endless by putting mirrors facing each other at either end.
  • Shinokodehas quoted4 years ago
    Plato said plainly to mankind: “Most of the social and political ills from which you suffer are under your control, given only the will and courage to change them. You can live in another and a wiser fashion if you choose to think it out and work it out. You are not awake to your own power.”
  • Shinokodehas quoted4 years ago
    Systematic thinking is apparently a comparatively late development in human experience; it has not played any great part in human life until within the last three thousand years. And even to-day those who really control and order their thoughts are but a small minority of mankind. Most of the world still lives by imagination and passion.
  • Elshad Farajovhas quoted7 years ago
    heart of a valiant enemy
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