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Veronica Sloan

Sister In Heat – Box Set

Both volumes of this best-selling taboo series are now available in one box set!

Siblings Johnny and Monica have always been close, but they're about to get a whole lot closer. During a steamy summer in LA, Monica confesses to her big brother that she's uncontrollably horny — and doesn't know what to do! Can Johnny resist his beautiful sister's lust? After all, what she wants him to do is so wrong…

In this steamy tale, the more Johnny and Monica give into their passions, the more the siblings realize that their ultimate taboo is also the ultimate romance!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“What if you weren't my brother?” said Monica

“But I am,” I said.

“But if you weren't?”

“What do you want me to say?”

She grinned sheepishly. “Do you think I'm pretty?”

“Of course.”

She bit her lip. “If we were just friends,” she said, «and I needed help… You'd help, right?”

“You're scheming right now. I'm not hooking you up with any of my friends. I don't want that on my conscience.”

She giggled. “I dunno. Brodie's pretty cute.”


«But I don't think he'd take care of me…like you would.»

«Yeah, well…"

Monica glanced briefly at the closed and darkened window at the side of the house, then slid closer to me, pushing her body once more into my chest. She pointed her nose up at me and spoke softer. «If we were friends…" she whispered.


“But we're more than friends.”

Tenderly, she went up on her toes and kissed my chin, her eyes never leaving mine. Damn me for a fool, but that look in her eyes was at once dear and undeniable, and I couldn't pull away from it. We kissed, softly, secretly, on the lips. “You won't hurt me,” she whispered into my mouth. “You won't judge me.”

“This is a bad idea.”

She slid her hand from around my waist, took mine, and ran it up her belly and into her shirt. «You do what I want, I'll let you do whatever you want…"
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  • NC Lauershared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading


  • mservin1991has quoted4 years ago
    guilt, just added to the intensity. Monica felt it; Monica knew; and that's

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