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Elena Ferrante

The Story of the Lost Child

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  • klucharevahas quoted7 years ago
    I felt strong, no longer a victim of my origins but capable of dominating them, of giving them a shape, of taking revenge on them for myself, for Lila, for whomever.
  • Aleksei Melnikovhas quoted7 years ago
    adjusted the blanket to protect her from the drafts
  • klucharevahas quoted7 years ago
    He was a man who emanated authority, even though authority is a patina and at times it doesn’t take much to crack it, if only for a few minutes, and glimpse a less edifying person.
  • Zhenya Shabyninahas quoted7 years ago
    Where is it written that lives should have a meaning?
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    Seeing how cheap and ugly they were I felt confused. Unlike stories, real life, when it has passed, inclines toward obscurity, not clarity. I thought: now that Lila has let herself be seen so plainly, I must resign myself to not seeing her anymore.
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    f I’d known that to get a diploma and a degree all you needed to have was free time, to be shut up in a place without worrying about earning a living, and, with discipline, learning by heart pages and pages of some books, I would have done it before,” he said once, in a teasing tone.
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    There is this presumption, in those who feel destined for art and above all literature: we act as if we had received an investiture, but in fact no one has ever invested us with anything, it is we who have authorized ourselves to be authors and yet we are resentful if others say: This little thing you did doesn’t interest me, in fact it bores me, who gave you the right
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    My entire life would be reduced merely to a petty battle to change my social class.
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    The comparison: your friend isn’t. But I’m sorry for her, vanity is a resource. If you’re vain you pay attention to yourself and your affairs. Lina is without vanity, so she lost her daughter
  • Катя Кологриваяhas quoted3 months ago
    love ended only when it was possible to return to oneself without fear or disgust
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