Virginia Woolf,Kate Chopin,Katherine Mansfield

Womens Short Stories 1

Women’s Short Stories – Volume 1. The short story is often viewed as an inferior relation to the Novel. But it is an art in itself. To take a story and distil its essence into fewer pages while keeping character and plot rounded and driven is not an easy task. Many try and many fail. In this series we look at short stories from many of our most accomplished female writers. Miniature masterpieces with a lot to say. Many of those stories are published in our audiobook version available at iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.
85 printed pages



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    Anna Avdeevahas quoted6 years ago
    The stock may be bad, but the fruit is ripe.
    Anna Avdeevahas quoted6 years ago
    "That river life," he went on, "is something quite special. After a day or two you cannot realize that you have ever known another. And it is not necessary to know the language–the life of the boat creates a bond between you and the people that's more than sufficient. You eat with them, pass the day with them, and in the evening there is that endless singing."
    Anna Avdeevahas quoted6 years ago
    Russia was all that we had imagined, and far, far more.

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