Robert C.Worstell

Really Simple Writing & Publishing

You probably have a story inside you that's just busting to get out. Most people do.
And the premise for here is that you don't have to buy or pay for anything in order to get your story written, published, and selling online.
Learn the 3 Parts to eBook PublishingHow to write a book – painlessly, effortlessly, earning the satisfaction and pride you deserve.How to publish your book – without the costs and delays recommended by the current “experts”.How to sell a book online – make your book discoverable and sell, not only on Amazon, but on iBookstore, B&N, Kobo, and everywhere else.And all for no more than you already have at hand.
Solve the key factors which have tried to keep you from publishing your story.You want to get Control over your own book and your own life – while others only want to control you for their own purposes.You want to get Approval for your own efforts – not pay money for someone else to approve your work “through channels”, which can add years you can't afford to lose.You want to have the Security of running your own writing-publishing-selling business, and knowing how it will turn out at every step.And you want to Join the group of successful Independent Authors who control their own higher royalties and income.Learn Marketing Secrets known to a handful of millionaire bestselling authors. Tools you will find inside this guide:Develop writing habits you can use for lifeLearn precise, proved tips and shortcuts to save time and moneyGet real certainty how the real “million-book-sellers” have made their own success – and how you can duplicate this starting today!Discover secrets to formatting your Amazon descriptions to rocket sales and pass competitors in their tracks.Get access to the entire Publishing Success Blueprint from start to finishFind how to open additional distribution lines for even more income!A Personal Word from the AuthorI've been publishing books successfully for years before ebooks became popular. But I was never satisfied with the sales I was getting. So I buckled down and started learning how online book marketing really worked. This took me through half a hundred “expert” ebooks, thousands of web-pages, and countless real-world tests.
Here's the real world lessons I learned:This is not hard to figure out.
You can learn how to do this for little or nothing more than what you already have. You don't have to have fancy equipment or programs to create your books. And that time-consuming Social Media and expensive advertising won't necessarily sell your books – but applying these discoveries will.In my tests, I started routinely getting sales from books which had sat dormant for years. You don't have to spend the months I did to work this all out. Or buy a lot more books so you can compile their hidden methods. Now this one book tells you all these secrets, so you can get your booksales rocketing, too. Starting today.
Reissued and Updated with the changes that 3 years have made in this industry:New approaches that make it even simplerThe basic programs have been upgraded and now work even better (and they are still free downloads that run on any MAC, Windows, or Linux computer.)It's now easier and faster to do it yourself than ever before!Get Your Copy Now.
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