Robert C.Worstell

Make Yourself Great Again – Complete Collection


You're Already Wired for Exceptional SuccessBUT: Those same programs also have given you your greatest failures.
If you've ever had a complete melt-down, a real failure of your mindset, where the world has seemingly gone to hell and stayed there, you're not alone.

it's just sad to tell you that it's your own damned fault.

What makes it worse is to find out that all you need to succeed was already programmed into you – and has been since you were born.

Then how did you get into that mess?

By believing what people told you

as you were raised,
and in every school you went to,
all your on the job training,
every movie you ever saw,
or song you ever heard.
All those lessons and examples just helped you believe in something other than your own ability to become great.

Most of what we are told these days are that the environment makes the individual. However, this has only really been taught since just after World War II. Long, long before that, there were many schools of thought which held that the individual creates their own success in this world, or lack of it.

And that is a far longer tradition, across our 10,000 years of culture, back through our verbal traditions and storytellers.

Some of our oldest traditions, such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, say that as children we have complete access to all the world's knowledge – up to the point we learn to talk. And other traditions say that we can each still tap into unlimited knowledge. Some studies begun in the 1950's and verified through testing, have shown this to still be true.

Unfortunately, this isn't what Conventional Wisdom says. Most Science disagrees. And it isn't what any government or school wants you to believe. All the best authorities…

However, one of the oldest phrases, published in books in various formats throughout all of our recorded works, says the same thing in various ways:

We Become What We Think About.

What you think and how you think is up to you. How you think consistently, the mental habits you've developed, are those you chose for yourself.

If you build those mental habits stacked on top of unproved, untested data, then you risk your sanity because you listened to all these sources and chose to think that way.

The economic crash of 2008 affected a lot of people adversely. But a lot more people survived.

The U.S. election of 2016 affected a lot of people adversely. But a lot more people survived.

There will always be more adverse situations ahead. Because that's the cyclical history of this mudball we live on.

But you don't have to repeat these failures, these crashes.

And now, this story is complete.

This collection of 7 books now answers all the questions and takes you right back to the beginning to learn even more. Because this subject is as deep as you want to take it. You are referenced to current newsmakers as examples as well as principles back before our 10,000 years of history started.

This is a landmark volume you'll want as a reference, along with its sister handbook, The Strangest Secret Library. And your life is guaranteed to never be the same…

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