Fyodor Dostoevsky

Poor Folk

191 printed pages

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    Elise Filippovahas quoted4 years ago
    But the instant that YOU came into my life, you lightened the dark places in it, you lightened both my heart and my soul
    Doaa Sayedhas quoted3 months ago
    No matter whether I be at work, or about to retire to rest, or just awaking from sleep, it enables me to know that you are thinking of me, and remembering me—that you are both well and happy. Then when you lower the curtain, it means that it is time that I, Makar Alexievitch, should go to bed; and when again you raise the curtain, it means that you are saying to me, "Good morning," and asking me how I am, and whether I have slept well.
    Doaa Sayedhas quoted3 months ago
    Then suddenly, for some reason or another, I raised my eyes—and felt my very heart leap within me! For you had understood what I wanted, you had understood what my heart was craving for.

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