Toni Blake

Letters to a Secret Lover

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The last thing she needs right now is a man . . .
Lindsey Brooks had it all—an awesome job doling out advice to the lovelorn, a fabulous high-rise apartment, and a to-die-for fiancé. But then she got dumped—wearing nothing but a “Kiss the Cook” apron—and desperate to escape, she retreats to a tiny Montana town to reclaim a family treasure. She never dreamed anyone would try to stop her—or that he'd be sexy as sin.
Too bad she finds such a hot one . . .
Rob Colter isn't into relationships—but Lindsey sees Rob as the perfect guy to help her “get back on the horse.” The sex horse, that is. Unfortunately, he comes complete with a mysterious past, which gets even more mysterious when she finds his passionate letters to another woman—whose name happens to be tattooed on his chest.
And too bad he has so many secrets . . .
Now Rob's dangerous past is about to catch up with them both. And if that's not horrible enough, Lindsey is falling for him—hard. For a girl who usually has all the answers, Lindsey is up to her neck in trouble.
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    vian23has quoted2 years ago
    I love you in a purer, more real way than I’ve ever loved a man. I love you in spite of your faults, even because of them. I love all that you are.

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