Anna Porter

Buying a Better World

He has been called «the only private citizen with his own foreign policy," and there is no doubt that George Soros plays a unique and unprecedented role: a billionaire social activist pursuing his own specific ideas for transforming the world into a more progressive and democratic society. Directing the flow of billions of dollars through his Open Society Foundations to causes from promoting climate change research to ensuring the survival of the European Union, Soros has emerged as a public intellectual and a political force politicians and business leaders can't afford to ignore.

In Buying a Better World, Anna Porter gives a critical examination of the new world of billionaire philanthropy on the international stage. Chronicling the growth of the Soros behemoth from its beginnings as a simple tax loophole, Porter takes up the causes Soros has championed over the past three decades and the activists who hold some of the most powerful positions in his network.
256 printed pages
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