Arto der Haroutunian

North African Cookery

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More than 300 recipes from Tunisia, Morocco, and more: “A tour of North Africa for the traveler, the chef, the shopper and the taste buds.” —Glasgow Herald
Arto der Haroutunian takes adventurous cooks on a tour of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya in this comprehensive guide to North African food. There are over 300 recipes for traditional dishes such as tagines, stews, soups, and salads using such classic ingredients as fiery spices, jewel-like dried fruits, lemons, and armfuls of fresh herbs. Simplicity is at the heart of the medina kitchen.
The exotic fuses with the domestic to produce dishes that are highly flavored yet quick and easy to prepare. Vegetables are prepared in succulent and unusual ways while dishes such as chicken honey and onion couscous, and “gazelle horns” filled with almonds, sugar and orange blossom water, provide a feast for both the imagination and the palate.
Tunisian cuisine is perhaps the hottest of the region, due in large part to the popularity of the chili paste harissa. As well as a strong French influence, pasta is a passion in Tunisia. Morocco’s great forte is its tagines and sauces—with meat and fish being cooked in one of four popular sauces. And Libya, although less gastronomically subtle than Tunisia and Morocco, excels in soups and patisserie. From simple street fare to elaborate banquet food, this collection represents the cooking of the region with refreshingly uncomplicated techniques, short lists of ingredients, and the comforting, elemental flavors of various spices and seasonings.
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