A Joosr Guide to Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

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What makes men and women so different that they act, feel, and think like two completely different species? Learn the differences in the emotional needs of men and women, and how mutual understanding can help you support your partner and strengthen your relationship.

From the very beginnings of time we have been puzzled and confounded by the opposite sex. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus explains some of the confusing behaviors each gender exhibits, translates the conflicting communication styles, and demonstrates how, despite our differences, it is possible to form long-lasting relationships based on mutual understanding.

You will learn:

· How to stop upsetting your partner by offering the wrong kind of support

· Why men and women are two genders, divided by a common language

· What motivates the opposite sex, and how you can satisfy that motivation to improve your relationship.
17 printed pages
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Jahandar Joey Wolfhas quoted2 months ago
But it is possible to understand and diffuse these contrasting emotional responses, which can help to eliminate arguing and promote lasting happiness through healthy communication

Но можно понять и рассеять эти контрастные эмоциональные реакции, которые могут помочь устранить споры и способствовать длительному счастью через здоровое общение.

May Trinandahas quoted9 months ago
He wants Gina to have faith in him to get the job done, and appreciate his effort.
MURU VASAhas quoted3 years ago
Some men describe women’s emotions as a “rollercoaster” because they can change very suddenly up and down. It is difficult for men to comprehend these emotional fluctuations, and it can lead them to believe that they have done something to provoke displeasure or upset. But in truth, this emotional rise and fall is completely normal for women. In fact, women need it to emotionally cleanse from time to time so they can feel happy and healthy. It is important that men are understanding of this natural process, and have the patience to provide support.

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