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Paul Tagney

Easy Spoken English

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To speak English, or any other language, quickly, easily, correctly, without grammar analysis, this book's series of lessons and a native-speaking coach is all you need.

Perfect for private tutors or language schools. This book gets you to speak about yourself & everyday topics with your instructor. 3-hour lessons are encouraged for maximum rapid progress & retention. 18 highly creative, original short stories + questions complete Paul's unique book's program. Available in soft-cover format for bulk orders of 100 copies or more. Foreign translation rights available.

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  • Julija Sebastijanovićshared an impression10 months ago
    👍Worth reading

  • Елена Шаповаловаshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

  • b0434025222shared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading


  • Anna Avdeevahas quoted7 years ago
    In recent years I’ve learned that our brain functions in the following way when learning a language. During the first 45 minutes, it warms up, and if the class stops there, it quickly forgets most of what has been presented…(This in fact applies to a 90 minute class also).
  • Anna Avdeevahas quoted7 years ago
    All my initial adult students saw very good progress in their Spoken English, even though they were only taking one 3–hour class per week. They were all working at jobs where they used their Spoken English each day, and they gave themselves maximum exposure to English media through television and newspapers outside of class time as well.
  • Habeeb Rahmanhas quoted8 years ago
    “For everyone who wants to speak English, or any other language, quickly and easily, without learning grammar, this book’s method is all you need.
    Then, with the help of any native speaker, you can quickly perfect your Spoken English or any other language”
    “If you’re an independent private language tutor, or you work for a language school with private or small-class groups, this book contains all the necessary and essential material for your personal use with your clients, as you help them to perfect their Spoken English or any other language.”
    “If you’ve developed material of your own over the course of your language teaching career, then this book’s content will further enhance and complete whatever programs you’ve created on your own as a language specialist.”
    My clients and I always agree about one thing: «You learn Spoken English much faster by talking about yourself, than when reading about fictitious characters in a book, or just doing grammar lessons.»
    «All over the world, four and five year-old children speak their native languages fluently. These children can’t read or write, and they have no idea what grammar is, but their spoken language is perfect, and your Spoken English can be too!»

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