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Michelle Finlay

Everyday English for Grown-ups

Michelle Finlay is an author and former copywriter for Penguin Books.
155 printed pages
Copyright owner
Michael O'Mara Books
Publication year
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    👍Worth reading

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    Varvara Kuzminahas quoted3 years ago
    English is one of the richest, most colourful and most subtle languages in the world. To speak or write good English – plain, lucid, jargon-free English – to have mastery of the language, is to have style.
    hkjggjhas quoted2 years ago
    Here are some examples (well there’s one already):
    braginetshas quoted11 days ago
    The conjunctions you are most likely to come across are although, and, because, but, if, or, so, unless, when and while.

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