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Barb Swindoll

The Donut Cookbook

Enjoy Well-Glazed, Filled And Delightfully Yummy Donuts, Made From Scratch!
Call them, donuts or doughnuts; the fact is that these yummy delights bursting with irresistible flavor are what you need to brighten your day anytime. Whether you like them chocolaty, creamy, fruity, custardy, or sugared, you cannot beat the sweet feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from a fresh bite of those mini goodies called donuts.  
In this cookbook, there are a 100 amazingly flavored donut recipes covered with delicious toppings that’ll leave you begging for more. There are the traditional and classic donuts; yeast-raised doughnuts as well as churros and beignets; donuts for holidays and special occasions; donuts made with popular drinks and not forgetting glazes, sugars and fillings to mix and match. You’d definitely enjoy the fun and new twist of making these donuts of all taste and occasions.
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