James Tate

LIAR (Madison Kate Book 2)

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    Believe in youhas quoted4 days ago
    "Zane," I barked. "Start fucking talking."

    "Do it, boss," Cass added in that rough, broken-gravel voice of his. "She's gotta know."

    Zane shot Archer another look, but this time it was full of regret and resignation. "Sorry, brother. You brought this mess on yourself. Maybe you'll think twice next time an in-debt businessman offers to sell his daughter."

    Time. Fucking. Stopped.

    Steele's shoulders slumped and his face dropped, his hood hiding his real reaction.

    Kody breathed a curse, his hand tightening on his gun but not letting his aim leave Zane for even a second. Not even while his panicked gaze shot to me.

    But Archer? He may as well have been made from stone for all the emotion he showed.

    Zane pulled a stack of folded papers from his jacket pocket and tossed them toward me, letting them hit the steps right beside the bloody heart.

    "It's all there, if you want to fact-check it. Your father sold you—and your trust fund—just a week after you were arrested." He paused, looking disgusted. It was his next words that rocked me to my core, though. Words that would become printed across my mind like a cattle brand.

    "Congratulations, Mrs. D'Ath. Welcome to the family."
    Believe in youhas quoted4 days ago

    "Leave now," Archer ordered Zane. "This is between Madison Kate and me. No one else."

    Zane's lips twisted in a cruel smile. "If that were the truth, I'd happily give my apologies and leave. But it's not. It can't be between the two of you when she knows nothing about it. 'Cause she doesn't, does she? It’s so fucking obvious it'd almost be funny—if it wasn't Deb's daughter you were hurting."

    "Someone tell me what the fuck you're all talking about before I start shooting people myself," I snapped, glaring at anyone who'd look at me. Spoiler alert, none of them would, except Zane
    Believe in youhas quoted4 days ago
    I was only alone for a few minutes before Steele slipped into my room. He didn't speak as he climbed into my bed and wrapped his arms around me. Instead, he just held me and stroked my hair while I cried. Then I mentally berated myself for crying over a guy who didn't deserve my tears. Then eventually, I calmed down and relaxed in Steele's comforting hold.

    I fell asleep again to his soft, comforting whisper in my ear, telling me all the creative ways we could hurt Archer for his bullshit. His suggestions ranged from amusing to downright scary, but just the fact that he was willing to suggest creative revenge on one of his best friends warmed me.

    When I woke again, the sun was up and Steele was gone. The bed was still warm, though, and my second pillow dented from his head, so I doubted he'd been gone for long.
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