P. G. Wodehouse

Very Good, Jeeves

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    This sum, judiciously expended over the period of her absence, would have been enough to keep Peke and self in moderate affluence.
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    insisted on my scratching all previous engagements

    настояла на том, чтобы я перечеркнул все предыдущие обязательства

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    I was slated to pop down
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    say the same
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    During dinner she talked all the time, and it did not take me long to see why the iron had entered into Bingo’s soul. Practically all she said was about food and Bingo’s tendency to shovel it down in excessive quantities, thereby handing the lemon to his stomachic tissues. She didn’t seem particularly interested in my stomachic tissues, rather giving the impression that if Bertram burst it would be all right with her. It was on young Bingo that she concentrated as the brand to be saved from the burning. Gazing at him like a high priestess at the favourite, though erring, disciple, she told him all the things that were happening to his inside because he would insist on eating stuff lacking in fat-soluble vitamins. She
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    In one second, without any previous training or upbringing, he had become the wettest man in Worcestershire.
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    It seemed to me that the doom had come upon me, so to speak,
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    the dog won’t let him go and then suddenly the moon shines through the clouds and he finds he’s been standing on the edge of a precipice and one more step would have—well, anyway, you get the idea: and what I’m driving at is that much the same sort of thing seemed to have been happening now
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    Something like an electric shock seemed to zip through me. The man had opened up a new line of thought. I suddenly saw what he was driving at, and realized all in a flash that I had been wronging this faithful fellow. All the while I supposed he had been landing me in the soup, he had really been steering me away from it. It was like those stories one used to read as a kid about the traveller going along on a dark night and his dog grabs him by the leg of his trousers and he says ‘Down, sir! What are you doing, Rover?’ and the dog hangs on and he gets rather hot under the collar and curses a bit but
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    Yes, it is not too much to say that I reeled. This extraordinary statement had taken me amidships without any preparation, and it staggered me. That Jeeves had been aware all along that this old crumb would be the occupant of the bed which I was proposing to prod with darning-needles and had let me rush upon my doom without a word of warning was almost beyond belief. You might say I was aghast. Yes, practically aghast.
    ‘You told Jeeves that you were going to sleep in this room?’ I gasped.
    ‘I did. I was aware that you and my nephew were on terms of intimacy, and I wished to spare myself the possibility of a visit from you. I confess that it never occurred to me that such a visit was to be anticipated at three o’clock in the morning. What the devil do you mean,’ he barked, suddenly hotting up, ‘by prowling about the house at this hour? And what is that thing in your hand?’
    I looked down, and found that I was still grasping the stick. I give you my honest word that, what with the maelstrom of emotions into which his revelation about Jeeves had cast me, the discovery came as an absolute surprise.
    ‘This?’ I said. ‘Oh, yes.’
    ‘What do you mean, “Oh, yes”? What is it?’
    ‘Well, it’s a long story—’
    ‘We have the night before us.’
    ‘It’s this way. I will ask you to picture me some weeks ago, perfectly peaceful and inoffensive, after dinner at the Drones, smoking a thoughtful cigarette and—’
    I broke off. The man wasn’t listening. He was goggling in a rapt sort of way at the end of the bed, from which there had now begun to drip on to the carpet a series of drops.
    ‘Good heavens!’
    ‘—thoughtful cigarette and chatting pleasantly of this and that—’
    I broke off again. He had lifted the sheets and was gazing at the corpse of the hot-water bottle.
    ‘Did you do this?’ he said in a low, strangled sort of voice.
    ‘Er – yes. As a matter of fact, yes. I was just going to tell you—’
    ‘And your aunt tried to persuade me that you were not insane!’
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    If you ask my Aunt Agatha she will tell you – in fact, she is quite likely to tell you even if you don’t ask her – that I am a vapid and irreflective chump.
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    Perseverance brings home the gravy
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    Jeeves,’ I said, a little severely, ‘whenever I suggest a plan or scheme or course of action, you are too apt to say “Well, sir,” in a nasty tone of voice. I do not like it, and it is a habit you should check. The plan or scheme or course of action which I have outlined contains no flaw. If it does, I should like to hear it.’

    ‘Well, sir—’
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    No doubt there are a number of your friends and relations who look up to you and respect you greatly. But suppose one night they were to see you, in an advanced state of intoxication, dancing the Charleston in your underwear in the middle of Piccadilly Circus?’

    ‘The contingency is remote, sir.’
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    have arrived at a satisfactory settlement.’
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    I may mention that I have been waiting for upwards of half an hour, and my time is not without its value.’
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    not used to being kept waiting
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    by the next train, even if that train
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    Her intention now was, if ever Providence sent them aid and enabled her to get out of this beastly car and back to her trunks, to pack those trunks and leave by the next train, even if that train was a milk-train, stopping at every station.
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    you realize the position?
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