Jochen Wirtz

Pricing Services and Revenue Management

Creating a viable service requires a business model that allows for the costs of creating and delivering the service, in addition to a margin for profits, to be recovered through realistic pricing and revenue management strategies. However, the pricing of services is complicated. Pricing Services and Revenue Management explains how to set an effective pricing and revenue management strategy that fulfils the promise of the value proposition so that a value exchange takes place. This book is the fourth volume in the Winning in Service Markets Series by services marketing expert Jochen Wirtz. Scientifically grounded, accessible and practical, the Winning in Service Markets Series bridges the gap between cutting-edge academic research and industry practitioners, and features best practices and latest trends on services marketing and management from around the world.
92 printed pages
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    Ventsislav Dimovhas quotedlast year
    -monetary costs (e.g., time, physical, psychological, and sensory costs
    Ventsislav Dimovhas quotedlast year
    The less tangible or immediate the payment mechanism, the more consumers tend to spend.
    Ventsislav Dimovhas quotedlast year
    build attendance and strong fan support throughout the season, Red Sox could spread out this large annual payment to four installments that coincide with their games. The team would garner a high game attendance and fan support, and their fans might prefer the lower and financially more manageable installments.

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