Kevin Patton

Pandemic Teaching: A Survival Guide for College Faculty (Lion Tamers Guide to Teaching, #1)

As teaching faculty across the globe scramble to move their on-campus courses to a remote-learning format, veteran teaching mentor Kevin Patton provides a quick and dirty survival guide to get things started—and keep things going. Having had the experience of moving from on-campus to online teaching, Kevin leverages his failures and triumphs into a quick guide to what's important and what's not as you make your transition in this disorienting time of pandemic teaching. 
The first section of the book provides a list of quick tips, strategies, and helpful mindsets—all based on Patton's real-life practical experience. The second part of the book expands on some of those quick tips to give further advice for implementing them.
Written in an informal, conversational style, this book gives useful advice and empathetic support as you survive your own experience of pandemic teaching.
119 printed pages
Lion Den Inc.


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