Jason Musante,Josh Rubin,Partners,Spade

How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

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An elegantly cheeky guide to keeping the woman in your life happy—while secretly doing whatever you want. Published in tandem with the woman’s guide How to Keep Him on a Short Leash, How to Stay Out of the Doghouse is perfect for Father’s Day…. or as a gift for a new groom.
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52 printed pages


    Nassha Abu Bakarshared an impression3 years ago

    Read it man.. u will know how to win in silent battle

    Nieturnershared an impression4 years ago

    "You may be the breadwinner, or just the one who gets paid more—but trust us, play that card and you’ll regret it every time. She may be a stay-at-home mom, but if you act like you don’t consider that work, you’ll end up a stay-in-the-doghouse dad"


    Nassha Abu Bakarhas quoted3 years ago
    She is not Apollo 13.
    You are not Houston.

    She doesn’t want you to solve all her problems and bring her back to Earth. All she wants is for you to listen—without telling her what to do. If you can’t handle that, you may wind up crashing in the ocean.
    Nassha Abu Bakarhas quoted3 years ago
    Deleted text messages are as bad as incriminating texts. If you wouldn’t want her to read it, don’t send it in the first place—’cause she will, every time. And mobile reception in the doghouse is terrible
    Nassha Abu Bakarhas quoted3 years ago
    Learn from Nixon: The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

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