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Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

An 1876 novel about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the 1840s in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived as a boy. In the novel Tom Sawyer has several adventures, often with his friend, Huck. One such adventure, Tom's whitewashing of a fence, has been adapted into paintings and referenced in other pieces of popular culture. Originally a commercial failure the book ended up being the best selling of any of Twain's works during his lifetime.
242 printed pages
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  • b8163138198shared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading
    🔮Hidden Depths

    School forced me to read it and i'm glad it did

  • Umai Tatishevashared an impression6 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Love this amazing classic

  • Venice Baldivinoshared an impression4 months ago



  • Анастасия Бузуноваhas quoted4 years ago
    There was a song in every heart; and if the heart was young the music issued at the lips.
  • Анастасия Бузуноваhas quoted4 years ago
    he seated himself on its outer edge and contemplated the dreary vastness of the stream, wishing, the while, that he could only be drowned, all at once and unconsciously, without undergoing the uncomfortable routine devised by nature
  • Анастасия Бузуноваhas quoted4 years ago
    Like many other simple–hearted souls, it was her pet vanity to believe she was endowed with a talent for dark and mysterious diplomacy, and she loved to contemplate her most transparent devices as marvels of low cunning.

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