Anthony Fung,Jason T. William

Intermittent Fasting – The Science and Art of Intermittent Fasting

Are You Curious to Learn the Real Secrets of Losing Weight?

Fasting is not a new concept, actually it has been around since early in the Human History. It played an important role on many cultures and religions, and the reason behind it are its multiple benefits to your health:

Fat gets burned in a faster pace, making it possible to finally reach the weight you’ve always dreamed of;Your brain activity is improved, and you can feel an overall feeling of rejuvenation and awakening. This fact also helps you to build a much stronger mind, along with a healthy body. Keeps you young;Better cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and a more powerful immune system against inflammations on the body.

The book ‘Intermittent Fasting — The Science and Art of Intermittent fasting’ makes a twist on the classic fasting, introducing the intermittent fasting. A very well thought fasting method that boosts your metabolism while burning fat at a fast rate, without long periods of deprivation.

Losing weight and looking younger? You can achieve that with Intermittent Fasting!

Sure, there are thousands of diets out there. Some promise miracles in a few days, others need to follow an intensive gym routine in order to succeed. But if you’re trying to lose weight you know that finding the right formula is not an easy task, and meanwhile you just wish to be free from all the excessive squishy jelly on your tummy.

The solution for your weight loss problem is on this book! Read it now and change your life for good!

Here are a few things you will learn with this book:

The importance of fasting and intermittent fasting — health benefits and the ability to lose weight in a much faster pace, by building a solid intermittent fasting plan.How to activate your body to cleanse itself and begin living a healthier lifestyle with improved food habits. Your body will become a temple of harmony!The secrets of a strong mindset, for a mind that endures challenges and creates self-discipline habits will help you to succeed with your intermittent fasting journey and reach your dream weight.

What are you waiting for? Losing weight in a fast and healthy way is possible! Forget about all the diets you did in the past, overcome the feeling of failure and concentrate your efforts into changing your life with this book. The body and soul which you’ve always dreamed of are possible to reach.

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  • Sofiia Dudliihas quoted3 months ago
    Oxidative stress is one of the steps that lead to chronic diseases. It can also cause advanced aging, something most people want to avoid.
  • Sofiia Dudliihas quoted3 months ago
    Leptin is what can make you overeat in most cases, because it is the hormone that tells your body about your hunger levels.
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