Anthony Fung,Jason T. William

Weight Loss Mini Habits: Forget Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean or Vegetarian Diet

Tired of Non-Working Diets?

What makes or breaks a diet? There are thousands of diets nowadays, and all offer the same: fast results, and when? Yesterday! But the results never come, and all there is to tell is how stressed you were during the process. How can a diet work under these conditions? If you don’t feel comfortable and peaceful how can you have the stamina to keep up?

The answer to losing weight fast is not the diet with the fanciest name. The book ‘Weight Loss Mini Habits: Forget Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean or Vegetarian Diet’ teaches you that the best diet is the one that comes from yourself.

And How Does That Work?

When you start a diet, the first thing you are told is what you must eat, and what you have to avoid. This automatically brings a mental boundary, and the suffering starts. Instead, this book guides you exactly on some of the best eating habits to lose weight. In other words, this book helps you to build your own eating habits.

In the US alone, $46 billions are spent every year on dieting products. But on the other side, 62% of the American adult population are overweight or obese. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to diet, the answer is inside yourself, by building new habits!

Surprising and essential, the book ‘Weight Loss Mini Habits: Forget Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean or Vegetarian Diet’ covers all you need to know about building new eating habits, giving you the necessary self-discipline and confidence to achieve your goals

What does this book have to offer you?

Strategies and tips to build healthy habits so you find easier to follow a diet;Precious knowledge on how to lose fat faster without suffering;The right mindset that allows you to follow new habits in order to achieve a healthier life and body.

After reading this book, dieting will be like a walk in the park. Feelings of insecurity and fear will be gone for good, replaced with confidence, strength, and self-discipline. The valuable knowledge this book holds has the power to change the way you perceive diets for good. You don’t have to wait for the perfect diet, you can start developing the right habits that will change the way you eat without sacrificing the food that you love.

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