Jamie Geurtjens

Natural Skincare Recipes

This wonderful recipe book provides over 30 absolutely amazing natural skincare recipes that you can make in your very own kitchen!
Whether you are experienced or a newbie, this book explains in detail how to create amazing natural skincare products that will nourish and protect your skin without using the harmful chemicals used by "big brands".
Learn how to make lip balms with real cocoa butter, beeswax and shea butter; divine hand and body creams, with rosehip oil, and mango butter; or a range of fragrant body oils, facial oils, face creams, cleansers, bath salts, scrubs and more.
56 printed pages
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    smakovhas quotedlast year

    •140g pure water

    •10g glycerine

    Oil phase:

    •10g rosehip oil

    •10g olive oil

    •10g emulsifier

    smakovhas quotedlast year
    Healing Lip Balm
    You will need:

    •8g beeswax

    •40g sunflower oil

    •10g hempseed oil

    •10 drops lavender essential oil

    •30 drops tea tree essen‍
    smakovhas quotedlast year
    The emulsifier that I have used throughout this book (where required) is an Ecocert approved emulsifying wax that consists of cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate. This emulsifying wax is a naturally derived ingredient and is safe to use.

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