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Abby Green

Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress

A Greek mogul mixes big business with irresistible pleasure when he takes his shy secretary on a trip to Athens in this international romance.
Lucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life. As his prim and plump secretary, she knows she could never be one of them. And despite Ari’s devastating good looks, she has no desire to. Or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself!
Ari shouldn’t find his own secretary attractive, but something about her calls to him. He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire—and that is to sate it. Three weeks in Athens should be enough time to get to know his sensible secretary better . . . !
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  • Humyrah Sevenhas quoted4 years ago
    Aristotle put out his hands to steady her. They were on her waist. Immediately it was an invasion of her space—especially when she was so self-conscious about her body.

    With one hand she tried to knock him away but his hands were immovable. Her other hand was still clinging onto her dress with a death grip. She looked at him and her brain felt hot, fuzzy. He was too close. She could smell his fresh citrusy scent, mixed in with something much more male, elemental. All she could see were his eyes; all she could feel were those hands, like a brand on her body.

    He was talking. She tried to concentrate on his words.

    ‘…more along the lines of this…’

    And then, as realisation exploded inside her, Aristotle’s head was coming down, closer and closer. Everything went dark as his mouth covered hers, warm and firm and so exotic that she couldn’t move.

    It was so shocking that Lucy continued standing there like a statue. Through her mind ran the comforting words, You won’t feel anything. You’re cold inside. You’re not your mother. You don’t react to this. You don’t crave men…sex…You’ve proved this to yourself…
  • Humyrah Sevenhas quoted4 years ago
    Well, if you’re trying to fade into the background it’s already working.’

    Lucy swallowed past a dry throat. ‘I’m your assistant, not your date.’
  • Humyrah Sevenhas quoted4 years ago
    Slipping her feet into flat shoes, she stuck her glasses back on, gathered up her wet things, looked up—and stopped breathing. In the crack of the open door her boss was just standing there, looking at her.

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