Summary Of “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action – By Simon Sinek”

This book sets out clearly and detailed why, the reason why certain individuals and companies are much more successful, effective and innovative than others, even for companies that have access to the same resources, technology and personnel. It shows how to run a business so that it attracts customers and, in turn, keeps employees satisfied. You will find in the book a way of thinking, acting and communicating that makes some leaders develop the ability to involve and inspire those around them. Born leaders, those who truly lead, are able to generate in people a sense of belonging, to recognise a purpose that goes far beyond the economic, external incentives they will obtain. Leaders do not influence, inspire. People who have an open mind to new ideas, who aspire to lasting success and who believe that this success requires the input of others, this book is dedicated to them. From now on, I start with the “why”.
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    good leader must be able to explain clearly and simply why the organisation does what it does. This is a key aspect because you cannot share beliefs who do not understand them. Once everyone has understood the WHY, they will begin to develop trust and loyalty.
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    The WHY does not arise looking forward or thinking about what you want to achieve. It is not born of market research or extensive interviews with clients or employees.

    To find the WHY you have to look in the opposite direction to where you are now. Finding the WHY is discovery, not invention.

    Generally, the WHY comes from the founders of the organisation and their beliefs. They believed that surely long before the organisation was born.
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    he key is in the way it communicates. When you start with the WHY, you are getting the attention of those who share the same beliefs, whether or not they need the product we sell. People buy moved by their beliefs, therefore, it is necessary to spread our beliefs and share them.

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