Ryan Holiday

Ego Is the Enemy

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«While the history books are filled with tales of obsessive, visionary geniuses who remade the world in their image with sheer, almost irrational force, I've found that history is also made by individuals who fought their egos at every turn, who eschewed the spotlight, and who put their higher goals above their desire for recognition.» — from the PrologueMany of us insist the main impediment to a full, successful life is the outside world. In fact, the most common enemy lies within: our ego. Early in our careers, it impedes learning and the cultivation of talent. With success, it can blind us to our faults and sow future problems. In failure, it magnifies each blow and makes recovery more difficult. At every stage, ego holds us back. The Ego is the Enemy draws on a vast array of stories and examples, from literature to philosophy to history. We meet fascinating figures like Howard Hughes, Katharine Graham, Bill Belichick, and Eleanor Roosevelt,…
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    Saken Ililanshared an impression2 years ago

    Ego has cost people hundreds of million of dollars , and rolled them back from their goals just as they have achiveed them

    Мариshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading
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    The book gives some good insights. Worth reading. It’s also pretty short so it can be read in one sitting.

    Danteshared an impression2 months ago
    👍Worth reading
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    brigitta setyorinihas quoted18 days ago
    The ego we see most commonly goes by a more casual definition: an unhealthy belief in our own importance. Arrogance. Self-centered ambition. That’s the definition this book will use.
    Bakhyt Kadyrovahas quoted21 days ago
    You can’t learn if you think you already know.
    Rin Arinkahas quotedlast month
    “To be or to do? Which way will you go?”

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