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Be A People Person: Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships

Being a leader means working with people, and that's not always easy! Whether in your office, church, neighborhood, or elsewhere, your interpersonal relationships can make or break you as a leader. That's why it's so important to be a "people person" and develop your skills in tapping that most precious of all resources: people.

In this powerful book, America's leadership expert John Maxwell helps you:
discover and develop the qualities of an effective “people person” improve your relationships in every area of life understand and help difficult people overcome differences and personality traits that can cause friction inspire others to excellence and successLoaded with life-enriching, life-changing principles for relating positively and powerfully with your family, friends, colleague, and clients, Be a People Person is certain to help you bring out the best in others—and that's what effective leadership is all about.
168 printed pages

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    💡Learnt A Lot


    Immanuel Part IIhas quoted11 days ago
    The TARP study also shows that 95 percent of dissatisfied customers will buy from the store again if their problems are solved quickly
    dash020499has quoted5 months ago
    Our success, fulfillment, and happiness depend upon our ability to relate effectively
    b0047134875has quotedlast year
    The only difference between stores is the way they treat their customers

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