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Blood Crown

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    “I’m going to fuck that attitude right out of you,” he snarled against my cheek. He kept his hand around my throat as he once again set a brutal pace.

    “I’d love to see you try.” I turned my head and nipped at his ear. That only served to make him piston his hips faster, harder. “Is this the best you have?”
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    In an instant, I was pinned against the wall of the hallway, Malachi’s arm against my throat. “Listen here you fanged asshole,” he growled. “Ashera is my mate.”

    I smirked. “And does the little queen know this?”

    Malachi was silent, glowering at me inches from my face, and I knew I had my answer. He hadn’t told her this important fact yet. A secret… how delicious. I opened my mouth to inform him of my plan with my newfound information, but he cut me off before I could. “Regardless, I have no issue sharing Ashera with any of her other mates, but I highly doubt you’re one of them.”
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    “Because,” he snarled, his gaze now so dark and heated it caught my breath, “you’re mine.” He wrapped my braid around his hand and jerked me against his body. “If you’re going to get any dick it’s going to be mine.”

    It was mildly embarrassing that I whimpered as he crashed his mouth against mine. I’d wanted Mal for years. Is my inner hussy making me hallucinate? He traced my lips with his tongue and a shiver raced down my spine. Our tongues started to battle for dominance as he backed me to my bed. Definitely not a hallucination.

    He ripped my dress away with his free hand, and then he pulled his mouth from mine. We panted as our lips brushed together. He pushed me back on the bed and dropped to his knees. He slid his large hands up my legs, spreading them wide as he went.

    “It’s been driving me mad smelling you in need and not doing anything to ease it.” Malachi’s hot breath teased my core and my hips bucked in invitation. He skimmed my inner thigh with his lips forcing a low moan out of my throat.

    A commotion from my doorway had me canting my head to see what the problem was. I had no intention of making Mal stop, and it seemed he agreed. My breath hitched when I saw Jacobi and Ambrose flanked by two guards, their backs to me but standing in front of the royals so they couldn’t approach. What the —?

    A loud moan escaped me, and my hips arched as Malachi started to devour me. I wanted to let go of the hold I had on my glamor — just for a moment, but I wasn’t ready to share that part of me with everyone. I tangled my hands in his hair, but I couldn’t rip my gaze from the two other males by the door. Jacobi seemed uncomfortable at first until I moaned. Now his heated gaze traveled my body stopping with interest at the sight of Mal feasting between my thighs. Ambrose, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to slaughter my guards to get back inside me. A low snarl from Malachi — which caused me to gasp and dig my fingers harder into his hair — stopped Ambrose cold.

    He slid two fingers into my core as my assassin licked at my clit. My breath hitched when he crooked his fingers to hit my g-spot. “Mal.” My voice was low and breathy, but I had no doubts the two men by the door heard me. “Don’t stop.”

    A low rumble vibrated against my clit when he growled, and that catapulted me over the edge as I came screaming Mal’s name. But he didn’t stop. I had a sneaking suspicion Malachi wanted to prove to the two by the door that he was the alpha male here. His power washed over me, and my back bowed off the bed as my grip on my own power slipped and my arousal flooded the air.

    Jacobi’s low moan, followed by a feral snarl from Ambrose had me coming again, clenching tightly around Malachi’s fingers.
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    Ashera leaned into my space again, twirling her hand up my neck and into my hair. Gods, her touch was like nothing I’d ever felt. “So, you’ve never felt a woman do this then,” she whispered, pressing her lips against my ear
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    Fucking the royal cunt is the best way to get what he wants, huh? I watched with a sense of sick joy as both Malachi and the other male stiffened, instantly knowing that Ambrose had said the wrong thing. Malachi’s growl increased in volume, while the other male’s wings fluttered, and a savage look marred his extremely handsome face.

    I moved my hands from Ambrose’s hair to his throat as I spun us so fast he didn’t have a chance to react. Since we were plastered together, I started to hungrily and violently drain him. His eyes went wide as he felt me pull the magic and power from him at every point our bodies touched. I leaned down to lick his ear, feeling his cock jerk inside me.

    “The royal cunt is hungry,” I whispered against him. “And you’re damn lucky there are witnesses here to prevent me from draining you dry.” With that, I extracted myself, readjusted my dress, and walked over to Malachi and the other male.

    With a stunning smile that had the male blinking down at me, I asked, “And who is this?”

    “Jacobi, King of Malak,” Malachi murmured, his eyes glued to Ambrose who remained on the table behind me. “If you’ll take him to the throne room, my queen, I’ll take care of the trash.”

    When Malachi’s gaze met mine, I was surprised to find just how much rage there was in their depths. I studied him for a moment before turning back to Jacobi. “Of course.” I smiled again and led the angel king out of the room. The sound of flesh beating flesh rang out after us.
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    We were moving again, my back now pressed against the table, Ambrose standing above me. He tightened his hand around my throat as the sound of slick flesh slapping together filled the room. His gaze blazed with hunger, and the succubus in me rose at the sight. I was still feeding off the energy in the room, waiting for the right time to feed directly off him.

    Ambrose moved his other hand back to my clit, and I felt my orgasm build inside me. “You’re going to drench my cock, little queen. We aren’t leaving here until you can’t walk for at least a week. The only thought on your mind will be how to get me to fuck you all over again. And then you’ll know exactly who you belong to.”

    My pussy fluttered around him even though I chaffed at his words. “I belong to no one.”

    He chuckled, the sound a caress against my aching nipples. “That’s where you’re wrong. You belong to me.”

    Despite my ruffled feathers at his blatant possessiveness, I shattered. My scream as I came echoed around the room. Ambrose groaned as he continued to thrust deep inside me, moving my legs so they were up on his shoulders. The angle allowed his cock to slide even deeper inside me, prolonging my orgasm.

    “Now let’s see if we can get you to scream my name, little queen,” he chuckled as he gripped my legs and continued to pound into me.

    I bit my lip until I tasted the metallic tang of my blood. He was relentless. But two could play at this game. I released more pheromones into the air.

    With a viciously feral snarl, Ambrose crawled onto the table over me, and his red gaze seemed to glow as the new angle allowed him to thrust harder. He slammed his hands down on the table on either side of my head, the wood groaning loudly on impact. I gripped his hair as I pulled him down for our lips to clash.

    He was just as aggressive when he kissed. We battled for dominance with our lips, sucking, licking, nipping. He became more frenzied at the taste of my blood from when I’d bit my lip a moment ago. The table beneath us creaked loudly with each thrust.

    “What the fuck is going on?” Malachi’s snarl broke us apart, but Ambrose didn’t bother to stop his thrusts as we both turned our heads to look at the two males now standing just inside the door. One was Malachi, and the other was a man I had never seen before — tall — between Ambrose and Malachi’s heights, blond, with thick, white wings, and stunning sapphire blue eyes. My hips tilted on their own, causing both of us to groan, which caused Malachi to snarl violently while the male at his side merely watched us with wide eyes.

    “Would you care for a turn?” Ambrose taunted, his hips never missing a beat. “It seems that fucking the royal cunt is the best way to get what you want.”

    My vision went red.
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    A low snarl met my ears as he ripped his fingers away from me. The sound of rustling fabric followed before the blunt tip of his cock was nudging my opening. His magic never once left my nipples, continuing to tease me as he readied himself. The hand not buried in my hair roughly gripped my hips. We stayed that way, pausing as both of us sucked in deep lung-fulls of air before he slammed to the hilt inside me.

    Gods. The sting was so good, and it had been too long. I cried out, long and loud, as he started to set a relentless pace, not giving my body time to adjust. Every few strokes, his hand would slap my ass and he’d release a feral sounding snarl when my pussy clamped around his cock in response.

    Once again, he yanked me up by my hair, but this time he abandoned my golden locks. Sliding his hand down my body, Ambrose began pinching my nipples. He used his other hand to lift one of my legs, propping it on the table before attacking my clit. I rested my head against his shoulder as I allowed pleasure to rush through every nerve ending in my body.

    “Who is your fucking master?” My eyes snapped open.

    Did he just…?

    “Who?” he ground out against my ear as his pace became more frantic.

    Absolutely not. In a blink, I turned on him, and his gaze flashed with shock as I tackled him to the ground. I pinned his arms down on either side of his head as I slammed my hips down against his, forcing his cock deeper with this new angle.

    “I don’t think you realize who is actually in charge here, Prince Ambrose.” Instead of setting a similar brutal pace, I rocked my hips slowly against his, dragging his cock out so he felt every inch of my pussy clenching around him.

    He clenched his jaw as he glared up at me, his hips arching under me in an attempt to urge me to move faster. I kept my pace tortuously slow and reveled when his eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as I purposefully clenched around him.

    I stopped moving my hips, leaving us flush against one another as I lowered my chest to his. I kept pulsing around his cock, and he let out a low groan. Nibbling lightly on his ear, I breathed, “Who is your master?”

    He pushed me off him, the two of us panting and staring at one another before he pounced again. Ambrose closed his hand around my throat as he slammed my back into the wall. I distantly heard something — more than one something — smash on the floor. I lifted my legs and locked them around his hips as he slammed back into me.

    “I’m going to fuck that attitude right out of you,” he snarled against my cheek. He kept his hand around my throat as he once again set a brutal pace.

    “I’d love to see you try.” I turned my head and nipped at his ear. That only served to make him piston his hips faster, harder. “Is this the best you have?” I laughed quietly.
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    “Answer me, little queen,” he snarled.

    I spread my lips in a condescending smile as I spoke two words that would always make men lose their godsdamn minds. “Make me.”

    In a flash, he was behind me, slamming my front to the top of the table as his hand fisted in my hair. I stiffened, but the air around him didn’t feel hostile. It throbbed with heat. Besides, I knew that if I didn’t want this, hadn’t planned this, I would have him on his back before he could blink. I bit back a smirk, knowing I’d snapped the prick’s control.

    “Wrong answer,” Ambrose growled against my ear before pulling back.

    The sound of his hand meeting my ass registered mere seconds before I felt the hot sting of the slap and pleasure flooded me. With the way my dress fell, he didn’t even need to shift the panel at the back to gain access to the flesh there.

    He struck again. This time on the other side, and I bit back a moan, trying to force my hips to remain still as he continued his assault. Ambrose tightened his fist in my hair as he fully moved the back panel of my dress and widened my legs. I shivered as my hips lifted with a mind of their own.

    “Now you’re going to be a good little queen and tell me that you want my cock buried deep in this wet little pussy of yours.” His hand roughly massaged the flesh of my ass before his fingers skimmed the seam of my core. A small, breathy gasp forced its way past my lips.

    I didn’t need to feed directly from him with all the sexual energy in the air, so I started pulling from that. I planned to save feasting on him for later. I wanted him to think he’d bested me. That he’d made the Queen of Shaytan his slut. I was well aware how to play a man and his body to get what I wanted. Just because I’d slaughtered all those who’d stood in my way in the past didn’t mean I had to. I planned to take a more... delicate approach to the other kingdoms. At least for the time being.

    Ambrose pulled me up, so my back was flush against his chest. His magic swirled around my nipples, and I bit my lip at the sensation. He licked my neck before whispering in my ear. “Tell me, Ashera. You know you want me to own your pussy. I can smell how aroused you are.” He nibbled on my ear, and I shivered.

    “Do it,” I bit out. My chest was slammed back against the table and Ambrose’s hand went back to my core. I widened my stance a little more and thrust my hips back against him.

    He worked two fingers inside me and started to circle my clit with his thumb. I moaned at the pleasure building deep inside my core, and moved in time with the thrusts of his fingers.

    “Good girl, ride my fingers.” I did as he demanded, working my hips against his slender digits as a third slipped in to join the others. “You’re so damn tight and wet, little queen. My cock might just ruin you.”

    “Promise, promises,” I taunted.
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    I inhaled and the scent of her blood and arousal had my fangs dropping in my mouth. I wanted to sink my fangs into one of those lush thighs before I buried my tongue in her sweet pussy. I’d make her beg for release
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    When her presence was finally announced, I turned my back, a clear display of disrespect. I made her wait for my full attention. Curiosity, however, won the day. When I saw her sitting upon her throne my breath stilled in my lungs, my cock hardened, and I felt a savage urge to mark that unblemished flesh with my fangs. I immediately hated her for the response she ripped out of my body
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