Elizabeth Brown,Torri Heat

Blood Crown

In a world where men rule and slavery is the common practice, being the only queen and abolishing slavery puts a large target on your back. Ashera is a queen in a world of kings. She took her crown and has paid for it in blood. Not everyone is willing to let her rule in peace, however, especially not the neighboring kingdoms for whom human slavery is still very much in practice.

Ashera continues to bleed for her crown while showing each kingdom that men aren't the only ones who can rule. But when a resistance against Ashera's rule grows, she's forced to realize that she can't create widespread change on her own. She'll need to win the hearts of the men who rule alongside her if she's to crush the resistance and free all of humanity.

Seducing them is easy, she's a succubus with lithe curves and a wicked tongue. It's getting them to change their minds that is the challenge. Especially when she's faced with an unruly and violent Vampire Prince, an over the top dramatic Fae Prince, an Angelic king, and a Demonic assassin. They're all alpha males in their own right, each one thinking they know what's best for their queen.

Unfortunately for them, she has no intention of listening.

337 printed pages
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    Believe in youhas quoted2 months ago
    In an instant, I was pinned against the wall of the hallway, Malachi’s arm against my throat. “Listen here you fanged asshole,” he growled. “Ashera is my mate.”

    I smirked. “And does the little queen know this?”

    Malachi was silent, glowering at me inches from my face, and I knew I had my answer. He hadn’t told her this important fact yet. A secret… how delicious. I opened my mouth to inform him of my plan with my newfound information, but he cut me off before I could. “Regardless, I have no issue sharing Ashera with any of her other mates, but I highly doubt you’re one of them.”
    Believe in youhas quoted2 months ago
    “Because,” he snarled, his gaze now so dark and heated it caught my breath, “you’re mine.” He wrapped my braid around his hand and jerked me against his body. “If you’re going to get any dick it’s going to be mine.”

    It was mildly embarrassing that I whimpered as he crashed his mouth against mine. I’d wanted Mal for years. Is my inner hussy making me hallucinate? He traced my lips with his tongue and a shiver raced down my spine. Our tongues started to battle for dominance as he backed me to my bed. Definitely not a hallucination.

    He ripped my dress away with his free hand, and then he pulled his mouth from mine. We panted as our lips brushed together. He pushed me back on the bed and dropped to his knees. He slid his large hands up my legs, spreading them wide as he went.

    “It’s been driving me mad smelling you in need and not doing anything to ease it.” Malachi’s hot breath teased my core and my hips bucked in invitation. He skimmed my inner thigh with his lips forcing a low moan out of my throat.

    A commotion from my doorway had me canting my head to see what the problem was. I had no intention of making Mal stop, and it seemed he agreed. My breath hitched when I saw Jacobi and Ambrose flanked by two guards, their backs to me but standing in front of the royals so they couldn’t approach. What the —?

    A loud moan escaped me, and my hips arched as Malachi started to devour me. I wanted to let go of the hold I had on my glamor — just for a moment, but I wasn’t ready to share that part of me with everyone. I tangled my hands in his hair, but I couldn’t rip my gaze from the two other males by the door. Jacobi seemed uncomfortable at first until I moaned. Now his heated gaze traveled my body stopping with interest at the sight of Mal feasting between my thighs. Ambrose, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to slaughter my guards to get back inside me. A low snarl from Malachi — which caused me to gasp and dig my fingers harder into his hair — stopped Ambrose cold.

    He slid two fingers into my core as my assassin licked at my clit. My breath hitched when he crooked his fingers to hit my g-spot. “Mal.” My voice was low and breathy, but I had no doubts the two men by the door heard me. “Don’t stop.”

    A low rumble vibrated against my clit when he growled, and that catapulted me over the edge as I came screaming Mal’s name. But he didn’t stop. I had a sneaking suspicion Malachi wanted to prove to the two by the door that he was the alpha male here. His power washed over me, and my back bowed off the bed as my grip on my own power slipped and my arousal flooded the air.

    Jacobi’s low moan, followed by a feral snarl from Ambrose had me coming again, clenching tightly around Malachi’s fingers.
    Believe in youhas quoted2 months ago
    Ashera leaned into my space again, twirling her hand up my neck and into my hair. Gods, her touch was like nothing I’d ever felt. “So, you’ve never felt a woman do this then,” she whispered, pressing her lips against my ear

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