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Power Quotes – Inspirational Quotes to Awaken Greatness Within

Power Quotes: Inspirational Quotes to Awaken Greatness Within New Release Offers a Collection of Powerful Quotes and Inspiration! London, United Kingdom (April 24, 2014) – Author Pappi Ndelu has collected quotes from some of the greatest writers, scriptures, philosophers, and more for a powerful collection that aims to inspire people to live their best lives. The quotes reflect nearly a thousand years' worth of ancient wisdoms, knowledge and insight, with some quotes going back to the 14th century. The collection covers a wide range of topics from character to forgiveness, purpose to peace, and much more. Included within the pages of his book are insights from Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Vincent Van Gough, Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Friedrich Nietzsche, and many more. No matter what topic one might be struggling with, there is surely something within the book that will help to inspire or offer a sense of comfort. At only 99 pages, it can fit into almost anyone's free time. POWER QUOTES: Inspirational Quotes to Awaken Greatness Within is available as both an eBook and an Audiobook. This allows the reader to take in the wisdom of some of the greatest writers and speakers in any way they choose. The collection was compiled this year. Said Ndelu, “I wrote it to be a tool of daily inspiration and motivation in your pocket, tablet and audio on the go.” POWER QUOTES: Inspirational Quotes to Awaken Greatness Within is currently available wherever eBooks and Audiobooks are sold. ABOUT PAPPI NDELU: Pappi Ndelu is an author, musician, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and more. Over his two decades in the music business, Ndelu has worked with award-winning artists and producers while scoring a couple of chart-toppers in South Africa, where he was previously signed to Sony Music Entertainment. He also helps other artists through his music distribution company, For more information about Pappi Ndelu and his work, please visit.
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