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Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Innocence of Father Brown

Father Brown is a Catholic priest, but a slightly unusual one in that he’s also an amateur detective. Unlike his more famous literary cousin Sherlock, Father Brown takes a less analytical and more intuition-oriented approach to solving the many murders that he happens to come across.
This collection of short murder mysteries is Brown’s first appearance on the literary stage. In it we see him practicing his unique brand of sleuthing alongside his sometimes-partner, the reformed master criminal Flambeau.
287 printed pages
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  • giyggjygjfyhas quoted3 months ago
    It is many years now since this co­los­sus of crime sud­denly ceased keep­ing the world in a tur­moil; and when he ceased, as they said after the death of Ro­land, there was a great quiet upon the earth.
  • Elinahas quoted2 years ago
    “Are you a devil?”

    “I am a man,” answered Father Brown gravely; “and there­fore have all dev­ils in my heart.
  • Elinahas quoted2 years ago
    Heights were made to be looked at, not to be looked from.

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