Stephanie Raffelock

A Delightful Little Book On Aging

All around us, older women flourish in industry, entertainment, and politics. Do they know something that we don’t, or are we all just trying to figure it out? For so many of us, our hearts and minds still feel that we are twenty-something young women who can take on the world. But in our bodies, the flexibility and strength that were once taken for granted are far from how we remember them. Every day we have to rise above the creaky joints and achy knees to earn the opportunity of moving through the world with a modicum of grace. Yet we do rise, because it’s a privilege to grow old, and every single day is a gift. Peter Pan’s mantra was “never grow up”; our collective mantra should be “never stop growing.” This collection of user-friendly stories, essays, and philosophies invites readers to celebrate whatever age they are with a sense of joy and purpose and with a spirit of gratitude.
87 printed pages
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    Леночкаhas quoted6 months ago
    In my heart lives a sassy, sensitive, and barefooted little girl who understands that life is all about surrendering to the experience while you learn to dance with it.
    Леночкаhas quoted6 months ago
    I looked in the mirror and, after I wiped the chocolate off of my face, saw a woman who could fail spectacularly and keep going. There was no way I was going to stop writing. That seemed a far worse sentence than being turned down by a bunch of publishers. In that moment, success revealed itself. I know who I am—someone whose strivings inform her stories about the transformative forces of grief, failure, second chances, and awakening. This is the very essence of why I write.
    iamzhazirahas quoted6 months ago
    One of life’s great truths is that everything changes and ends. As our physical body gets older, we have to find new ways to move and celebrate it. A little indulgence in the sorrow of what is gone before finding our new footing can help us make peace with the changes.
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