Ernst Haeckel

The History of Creation

The History of Creation is a book by German scientist Ernst Haeckel, which deals with issues of creation and evolution under influence of Charles Darwin. The book did a great deal to further explain “Darwinism” and widens the theory to the world. Haeckel argued that human evolution consisted of precisely 22 phases, the 21st — the “missing link” — being a halfway step between apes and humans. He even formally named this missing link Pithecanthropus alalus, translated as “ape man without speech”
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    Where faith commences, science ends.
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    In his work, “On the Origin of Species,” not a word is found about the animal descent of man. The courageous but cautious naturalist was at that time purposely silent on the subject, for he anticipated that this most important of all the conclusions of the Theory of Descent was at the same time the greatest obstacle to its being generally accepted and acknowledged.
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    I hold it to be the duty of naturalists, not merely to meditate upon improvements and discoveries in the narrow circle to which their speciality confines them, not merely to pore over their one study with love and care, but also to seek to make the important general results of it fruitful to the mass, and to assist in spreading the knowledge of physical science among the people. The highest triumph of the human mind, the true knowledge of the most general laws of nature, ought not to remain the private possession of a privileged class of savans, but ought to become the common property of all mankind.

    Even truer nowadays...

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