Jonathan Evison

Jonathan Evison is an American writer best known for his debut novel All About Lulu published in 2008, which won critical acclaim, including the Washington State Book Award. In 2009, Evison was awarded a Richard Buckley Fellowship from the Christopher Isherwood Foundation. A second novel, West of Here, will be released in February 2011 from Algonquin. Editor Chuck Adams (Water for Elephants, A Reliable Wife, An Arsonist's Guide to Writers Homes in New England) has called West of Here the best novel he's worked on in over four decades of publishing.In his teens, Evison was the founding member and frontman of the Seattle punk band March of Crimes, which included future members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.Born in San Jose, California, he now lives on an island in Western Washington. for All About Lulu:"All About Lulu is a stunner--viciously funny and deeply felt." -Publishers Weekly, Starred Review"A knockout! All About Lulu is a debut worth getting excited about." -Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times"Evison’s debut novel glows with evocative details and unforgettable scenes . . .a story of sweet complexity, about the people you want to hold on to, and the ones you have to let go. -Time Out New York"With high wit and a pitch-perfect ear for the comic mundanity of everyday speech, All About Lulu earns its moments of painful, pure tenderness. At times it hits you right in the place that good music does, with a sharp, heady sweetness." -Time Out Chicago"An auspicious debut for a writer with equal parts heart and reckless verve." -Powell's




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He runs his flattened hand over Wyoming and Colorado, as though it were a relief map, tilting his head curiously like a golden retriever confronting a quadratic equation.
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But the thing about caring is, it’s inconvenient. Sometimes you’ve got to give when it makes no sense at all. Sometimes you’ve got to give until it hurts. It’s not easy, and it can be downright thankless
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And maybe in light of all that happened with Piper and Jodi, Im not qualified to care for anybody.


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