Erin Morrow

The Pacific Northwest holds a number of hidden gems shrouded beneath its layer of cool coastal mist, and Erin Morrow is most definitely one of them. Originally from a small town in Eastern Iowa, Morrow left the Heartland and headed west to pursue her passion, gardening; and to develop her talent, writing. Over the past years she has penned over half-a-dozen insightful, detailed and experientially based commentaries and how-to books on topics such as: Organic Gardening, Container Gardening (raised and ground level), Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Vertical Gardening Techniques, Herb Gardening and Beekeeping. All of Morrow's information comes from countless hours of research and interviews with local and regional experts, as well as living the lifestyle herself. She has traveled the west coast seeking out masters of each craft, and gathering the best techniques that she then put into practice to test each theory. To say she is dedicated is an understatement. She's lived the lifestyle. For over a year she converted her half-acre of land into a fully functional, 100% organic, zero carbon footprint, eco-friendly, self-sustaining haven. During that time she perfected many of the techniques that have found their way into her books. When Erin isn't thinking about gardening, she immerses herself in nature. Her spare time is spent hiking and camping on the breathtaking trails of the Pacific Northwest. She has also recently taken up oil painting and has done an admiral job of recreating some of the beauty she experiences on her outings.


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