Mark Simmons

Mark Simmons has been writing Horror recreationally since a very young age, finding his inspiration from a cavernous backroom full of horror at his local video shop. Renting all manner of features, well before his age legally allowed him to do so.Mark was born and raised on the coastline of Suffolk, England by North East parents. He also found his creativity stimulated by the rolling countryside and coastal emptiness of East Anglia. He currently lives in North London with his Epidemiologist wife, The Doctor.When Mark is not bringing his monsters and demons to the page he has worked for the last ten years in various areas of the Television Broadcasting industry. He has helped to provide the world with the top quality viewing that it deserves.Mark enjoys watching all manner of movies but his greatest affinity is to horror flicks. He has a passion for classic and modern literature mainly in the horror and sci-fi fantasy genres. He also has an acute ear for music, particularly the Metal persuasion. Football plays a small part in his life, playing a bit of 5-A-Side in his spare time and supporting a North East team of the Black and White striped variety.He has recently published first novel, Of The Night, which is available from Kensington Gore publishing. will be the first of at least a three book deal that Kensington Gore Publishing hope will grow and grow.



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