Lucy Appadoo

Lucy Appadoo is a prolific reader and author of the Friends In Crisis Series. After a childhood spent reading and imagining escapist worlds, Lucy has put her imagination into stories.

Lucy Appadoo attended Victoria University and La Trobe University. She was a Wellness Coach and Registered Counsellor with a part-time private practice in Melbourne. She helped women struggling with grief to move forward and regain their joy and peace through an 8-week coaching program. She also worked as a rehabilitation counselor for the Australian government.

Her work as a rehabilitation counselor has led to an interest in writing inspirational stories about authentic, driven women who manage adversity with strength and heart. Appadoo started writing non-fiction and blog articles on spiritual and mental health to lead to holistic wellness.

Now She writes in the genres of romantic suspense/thrillers with significant life themes and contemporary romance.

Lucy’s interests include researching crime stories and news to inspire her work, watching crime thrillers and suspenseful movies, traveling, exercising, reading for entertainment or knowledge, meditation, and spending time with friends and family.

She also appreciates her Italian background and culture, which has inspired her to write imaginative stories about her parents’ childhoods, leading to The Italian Family Series novels.

Lucy Appadoo lives in Melbourne.

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