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Lucíahas quoted2 years ago
since land mines are banned in civilized warfare, the West practically gives them away at cost and in this way they are cheaper than bullets and other arms.
Lucíahas quoted2 years ago
I remember a group I saw once. Children without arms or legs or both, men with only half a face, women with shrapnel-chewed scars for breasts—all of them holding onto life and hope with a fire that burned feverishly in their eyes. If any light comes from this war, it will come from eyes such as those.
Lucíahas quoted2 years ago
I don’t understand.”

“Nobody does. Everybody does. It is real because it is a tall tale. This lake is the heart of our people. This lake is love. If you find it, and find the pillar, you can climb it into the very heart of God,” he said.

“Where is this lake, Grandfather?”

He tapped me on the breastbone.

“Here. It is at the center of you, because you are the world.”
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