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  • Achkour Mohamedhas quotedlast year
    to get acquainted with

    to make ( usually oneself) familiar (with): You must acquaint yourself with the routine of the office.
    يَطَّـلِـع عَلَى
    to inform (a person) of: Have you acquainted her with your plans?
    be acquainted with
    to know or be familiar with: I'm not acquainted with her father.

  • aducelestina86has quoted6 months ago
    , “Never finish a negative statement, reverse it immediately, and wonders will happen in your life.”
  • b1436281342has quotedlast year
    "The word reason itself is far from being precise in its meaning. In common and popular discourse it denotes that power by which we distinguish truth from falsehood, and right from wrong, and by which we are enabled to combine means for the attainment of particular ends."
  • Byunggyu Parkhas quotedlast year
    This book is designed to teach you that your habitual thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny; for as a man thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he
  • Julia Ogunhas quotedlast year
    Begin now to observe yourself. Observe your reactions to people, conditions, and circumstances. How do you respond to the events and news of the day? It makes no difference if all the other people were wrong and you alone were right. If the news disturbs you, it is your evil because your negative emotions robbed you of peace and harmony.
    A woman wrote me about her husband, saying that he goes into a rage when he reads what certain newspaper columnists write in the newspaper. She added that this constant reaction of anger and suppressed rage on his part brought on bleeding ulcers, and his physician recommended an emotional reconditioning.
    I invited this man to see me and I explained to him the way his mind functions indicating how emotionally immature it was to get angry when others write articles with which he disapproves or disagrees.
    He began to realize that he should give the newspaperman freedom to express himself even though the latter disagreed with him politically, religiously, or in any other way. In the same manner, the newspaperman would give him freedom to write a letter to the newspaper disagreeing with his published statements. He learned that he could disagree without being disagreeable. He awakened to the simple truth that it is never what a person says or does that affects him, it is his reaction to what is said or done that matters.
    This explanation was the cure for this man, and he realized that with a little practice he could master his morning tantrums. His wife told me, subsequently, that he laughed at himself and also at what the columnists say. They no longer have power to disturb, annoy, and irritate him. His ulcers have disappeared due to his emotional poise and serenity.
  • b7195519899has quoted2 years ago
    in your opinion, is the master secret of the ages? The secret of atomic energy? Thermonuclear energy? The neutron bomb? Interplanetary travel? No—not any of these. Then, what is this master secret? Where can one find it, and how can it be contacted and brought into action? The answer is extraordinarily simple. This secret is the marvelous, miracle-working power found in your own subconscious mind, the last place that most people would seek it.
  • Mr. Danhas quoted10 months ago
    People who are in trouble have difficulty in thinking and acting reasonably. They need an easy formula to follow, an obviously workable pattern that is simple and specific. Often they must be led to approach the emergency.
  • roshniemushas quoted2 years ago
    magnetized piece of steel will lift about twelve times its own weight, and if you demagnetize this same piece of steel, it will not even lift a feather. Similarly, there are two types of men. There is the magnetized man who is full of confidence and faith. He knows that he is born to win and to succeed. Then, there is the type of man who is demagnetized. He is full of fears and doubts. Opportunities come, and he says, “I might fail; I might lose money; people will laugh at me.” This type of man will not get very far in life because, if he is afraid to go forward, he will simply stay
  • roshniemushas quoted2 years ago
    All your experiences, events, conditions and acts are the reactions of your subconscious mind to your thoughts
  • roshniemushas quoted2 years ago
    emember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your own mind, which brings about the result. Cease believing in the false beliefs, opinions, superstitions and fears of mankind. Begin to believe in the eternal verities and truths of life, which never change
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