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Dannihas quotedlast year
“Milk?” Cal made a face.
“Better than it sounds. You’ll have to try it once I have the machine. The gnomes called it a latte.”
“Latte? That mean somethin’?”
“Named after the gnomish barista who invented them, I think—Latte Diameter.”
Isabella Ruizhas quoted8 months ago
Viv was suddenly awash in an old feeling of fraught potential. A critical instant that hinged on the movement of a blade, the placement of a foot, a moment of trust extended or withheld. Failure to act was as much a decision as any other
Anne Krathhas quotedlast year
And they’d make coffee, you know, as needed, after some instruction… from me. Uh. I wrote ‘food service experience’ in the notice. You have that?”

Tandri’s expression didn’t falter in the slightest. “I do not.”


The succubus inclined her head at Viv. “Do you?”

Viv’s mouth hung open for a moment, until she eventually managed, “I… do not.”


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