Cecelia Ahern

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    The last job Holly had was working as a secretary for an unforgiving little slimeball in a solicitor’s office. She had been forced to leave her job when the creep failed to understand that she neede
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    THE LIST’.
    Her stomach did a little dance
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    On the second of February at four o’clock in the morning, Holly held Gerry’s hand tightly and
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    Richard and Meredith?’
    ‘Oh, good ol’ Dick – he
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    Jack and Abbey
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    great relationship with her brother Jack. He was only two years older than she, so they had been close when growing up, and he had always been very protective of her. Their mother had called them her ‘two little elves’, because they were always getting up to mischief
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    Holly held the blue cotton sweater to her face and the familiar smell immediately struck her, an overwhelming grief knotting her stomach and pulling at her heart. Pins and needles ran up the back of her neck and a lump in her throat threatened to choke her. Panic took over. Apart from the low hum of the fridge and the occasional moaning of the pipes, the house was quiet. She was alone. Bile rose in her throat and she ran to the bathroom, where she collapsed to her knees before the toilet.
    Gerry was gone and he would never be back. That was the reality. She would never again run her fingers through his soft hair, never share a secret joke across the table at a dinner party, never cry to him when she got home from a hard day at work and just needed a hug, she

    Holly si portò il maglione di cotone blu al viso e l'odore familiare la colpì immediatamente, un dolore opprimente le annodò lo stomaco e le tirò il cuore. Spilli e aghi le correvano dietro il collo e un groppo in gola minacciava di soffocarla. Il panico prese il sopravvento. A parte il basso ronzio del frigorifero e l'occasionale gemito delle tubature, la casa era silenziosa. Era sola. La bile le salì in gola e corse in bagno, dove crollò in ginocchio davanti al water.
    Gerry se n'era andato e non sarebbe più tornato. Questa era la realtà. Non avrebbe mai più passato le dita tra i suoi morbidi capelli, non avrebbe mai più condiviso una battuta segreta attraverso il tavolo a una cena, non avrebbe mai più pianto da lui quando tornava a casa da una dura giornata di lavoro e aveva solo bisogno di un abbraccio, lei

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    seeing possibility in dead ends, tasting victory as others spit out failure, questioning when others accept. Just a little less jaded, a little less cynical. A little less likely to throw in the towel. Some people’s minds open later in life, through tragedy or triumph. Either thing acting as the key to unlatch and lift the lid on that know-it-all box, to accept the unknown, to say goodbye to pragmatism and straight lines
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    Many won’t struggle to believe it, though, for their minds have been opened; unlocked by whatever kind of key causes people to believe. Those people are either born that way or, as babies, when their minds are like little buds, they are nurtured until their petals slowly open and prepare for the very nature of life to feed them. As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow; minds so open, they go through life aware and accepting, seeing light where there’s dark,
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    o throw in the towel

    abandon a struggle; admit defeat

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