Agatha Christie

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    People do brood over bygone wrongs sometimes.
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    “I apologize for my language! Most unladylike, and all that, but, oh, Lord, there’s reason enough for it! Do you know I’ve lost my only sister?”

    “Really?” I said politely. “How unfortunate.”

    “He disapproves!” remarked the lady. “He disapproves utterly—of me, and my sister—which last is unfair, because he hasn’t seen her!”
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    “Say you’re sorry about my sister—”

    “I am desolated!”

    “That’s a good boy!”

    “Let me finish. I was going to add that, although I am desolated, I can manage to put up with her absence very well.” I made a little bow.
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    “Well, we have. Tell me something about yourself.”

    “I’m an actress. No—not the kind you’re thinking of. I’ve been on the boards since I was a kid of six—tumbling.”

    “I beg your pardon,” I said, puzzled.

    “Haven’t you ever seen child acrobats?”

    “Oh, I understand!”

    “I’m American born, but I’ve spent most of my life in England. We’ve got a new show now—”


    “My sister and I. Sort of song and dance, and a bit of patter, and a dash of the old business thrown in. It’s quite a new idea, and it hits them every time.
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    that he was going to apostrophize it, to declare aloud his de‍
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    mall passage branched off.

    “The servants’ quarters,” explained Bex.
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    gilded with the brush of Romance.
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    Your idea of a woman is someone who gets on a chair and shrieks if she sees a mouse. That’s all prehistoric.
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    “Think, my friend,” said Poirot’s voice encouragingly. “Arrange your ideas. Be methodical. Be orderly. There is the secret of success.”
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    If you are doubly burdened, first by acute shyness, and secondly by only seeing the right thing to do or say twenty-four hours later, what can you do? Only write about quick-witted men and resourceful girls, whose reactions are like greased lightning!
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