Shashauna P. Thomas

Shashauna P. Thomas has always been an avid reader and writer of erotica. She is extremely proud of graduating from Cornell University with a BA in Anthropology and SUNY Stony Brook with a BA in psychology all in six years. She is also a proud member of the D.I.V.A.S. of Lambda Fe Usöñ Sorority Inc. After finishing school she returned to her home in the Bronx, where she was born and raised, to live with family. After doing a lot of soul searching she realized just how badly she wished to pursue her passion for writing full time. With the love and support of her friends and family she decided to pursue a career as an erotica author. She has dedicated herself to becoming a successful writer and putting the creative & sensual characters in her mind out on paper for the entire world to enjoy. Inspired by dreams and a very vivid imagination, Shashauna's head is constantly bombarded with images of characters, sex scenes, and erotic story lines. They come so fast that she is often still working on one when two more pop into her head. For her, coming up with story ideas is the easy part. Actually translating what she sees in her head correctly to written word is a whole other story. Pardon the pun. As any writer can tell you there are tons of things that the author is responsible for conveying to the reader. Not only character dialogue, character description, character actions, and emotions. You are also responsible for describing background scenery, change of setting, and any random occurrence that takes place. All while keeping in mind what is and isn't important to the flow of the story and a word count. Learning exactly how many aspects go into making one story ready for publication is one of the most important things a new author like Shashauna learns. Learning how to reach out and make yourself available to your readers is another. Shashauna believes in using her passion for writing to hopefully inspire others to follow their own passions and wherever they may lead them. If her stories inspire one person to go out and try something he/she may have never thought to before, then she feels as if she's accomplished one of her major goals. Everyone could use a bit of spice in their sex lives, but they mustn't be afraid to open their minds to new possibilities. If more people embraced their inner sexual creatures, the entire world would be filled with much happier and satisfied people. ;-)
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