Jack Moore


mashnicahas quotedlast year
the great and strong character is the one who is ever ready to sacrifice the present pleasure for the future good
mashnicahas quotedlast year
The question is not, "What are the conditions in our lives?" but, "How do we meet the conditions that we find there
mashnicahas quotedlast year
whatever conditions are in my life today that are not the easiest and most agreeable, and whatever conditions of this type all coming time may bring, I will take them just as they come, without complaint, without depression, and meet them in the wisest possible way; knowing that they are the best possible conditions that could be in my life at the time, or otherwise they would not be there; realizing the fact that, although I may not at the time see why they are in my life, although I may not see just what part they have to play, the time will come, and when it comes I will see it all, and thank God for every condition just as it came
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